Blue Pill or Red Pill?

morpheusSurfers (and most athletes) can generally be divided into two types of mindsets: ‘Pleasure and Pastime’ or ‘Power and Performance’. While there may be overlap, there is usually a strong tie to one outlook or the other.

Pleasure and Pastime

Surfers who surf for ‘pleasure and pastime’ surf to have fun and don’t want to be mentally and physically bogged down by being overly critical of themselves. These surfers can benefit from Area561’s Key’s To Performance First Layer that focuses on keeping them safe, fit, and in the water longer.

Power and Performance

Surfers who surf for ‘power and performance’ have fun as well but are always constructively critiquing their performances in an effort to reach higher levels. They are driven to surf to the best of their abilities – and are usually standouts in the lineup because of this. They benefit by immersion and leaving no stone un-turned when it comes to exploration of concepts and techniques that can improve performance. Power and Performance mindset surfers benefit Area561’s Key’s To Performance First and Second Layers.

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