Paddle Towards The Foam

Little classroom session for the groms and others who may not be familiar with a this paddling safety etiquette. A rider on a wave has the right of way. Paddling up the face directly in front of a rider not only may interfere with the riders ... Continue Reading >

An Attempt At Surfing Maneuvers

*This list was made with short boarding in mind. Fundamental To Advanced? The goal was to try and arrange the maneuvers from fundamental to advanced. Like hey, you'd probably want to learn to do a snap pretty well before you advanced to sticking ... Continue Reading >

The Greedy Surfer

'Sharing' the lineup with a greedy surfer is usually the opposite of an uplifting experience. The greedy surfer wants every single wave they can manage to catch even if it's at the expense of others. In their minds, they are completely justified ... Continue Reading >

Filipe Tears Up Snapper

On Dane Reynolds blog, he says how Filipe Toledo is one of the guys he watches video of to get amped before a surf. That's quite the compliment. Let's break down some of the highlights of his performance from yesterday. In his post heat ... Continue Reading >

Principles Of Surfing Performance

Tap or Click Pic to Expand Using sacred geometry as an outline this diagram was created to illustrate the different aspects that when combined translate into powerful surfing performances. In the diagram's legend you can see how working from the ... Continue Reading >

Blue Pill or Red Pill?

Surfers (and most athletes) can generally be divided into two types of mindsets: 'Pleasure and Pastime' or 'Power and Performance'. While there may be overlap, there is usually a strong tie to one outlook or the other. Pleasure and ... Continue Reading >

Getting Recycled

We're all (or most of us) are familiar with the following diagram, concept, identification, and actual navigation of a rip current: There's a portion of that diagram that isn't labeled well, which is how in most cases, a rip current happens in ... Continue Reading >