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On Dane Reynolds blog, he says how Filipe Toledo is one of the guys he watches video of to get amped before a surf. That’s quite the compliment. Let’s break down some of the highlights of his performance from yesterday.

In his post heat interview, immediately after he thanks god and his family, he starts saying how hard he’s been training, and goes back to talking in detail about his training at about the minute mark:

“The last few months I’ve been training really heard, physically and mentally, working on my rail game, trying crazy airs and grabs, and watching Fanning surfing, Adriano surfing, Slater surfing, all these guys are inspiration for me, yea, I’ve been training a lot on my rail game and I think it’s getting better, I hope so.”

At just 18 years old, on top of being blessed with incredible talent, this young man works his butt off in the gym, in the ‘film room’, surfing, uses positive visualization, and MASTERY OF THE FUNDAMENTALS.

Video: Final – Perfect 10

First maneuver he nails a more vertical progression of a turn Potter made famous (for my generation at least):

Second turn is a lip line:

His third turn is a vicious wrapping cutback, a turn all the top WCT guys have wired.

Right out of the cutback and blows the fins free on this vertical snap. (Notice his back arm position on this move vs his first layback snap)


And as a finisher he throws the fins free reverse:

Jordan was playing out of his mind that night too:

Filipe is one of the best air guys in the world but he’s dropping 10’s with progressions of fundamental turns.

In the next clip, he pulls out the roundhouse, foam climb, and club sandwich in additional to the moves on the last wave:

Video: Semi’s Another 9

Climbs are underrated.

The Roundhouse. The turn that Tom Curren refined into what it is today. A proper roundhouse is one of the best feelings in surfing. Notice his chest and shoulders are turned towards the foam with his eyes glued to where he wants to hit it. Common frustrations with learning this turn stems from ‘checking your spray’ instead of leaving the past behind.

Video: Semi’s 9 pointer

On this wave he finally went to the air, but make no mistake – his rail game won him this event.

What are your thoughts on Filipe’s performance? Think he’ll become a World Champ? Chime in below.

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