Principles Of Surfing Performance

Area561's Pillars Of Surfing Performance Expanded

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Using sacred geometry as an outline this diagram was created to illustrate the different aspects that when combined translate into powerful surfing performances.

In the diagram’s legend you can see how working from the outside in, and having a good balance on each ring (or layer) is – in most cases – a prerequisite for the next layer. Each of the aspects of surfing performance can be drilled down on and expanded to cover key topics within them.

This is essentially a map, and like in the Legend of Zelda, one can go and collect key experiences from each of the aspects in their very own unique way and still get to the same ‘milestone’.

Here’s the simplified version outlining the 6 key pillars:

What’s a important aspect to progressing your surfing? Competitive rivalries? Video analysis? Something else? Share your insights below.

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