The Greedy Surfer

‘Sharing’ the lineup with a greedy surfer is usually the opposite of an uplifting experience.

The greedy surfer wants every single wave they can manage to catch even if it’s at the expense of others. In their minds, they are completely justified of their actions because of whatever they tell themselves to continue to act in that manner.

“I only have 30 minutes to surf”, or, “I’m just taking what I deserve”, or “I moved here X number of years ago”

Most often, greedy surfers are not even conscious of the root of their motivation to ‘dominate‘ a lineup that way, but it usually stems from insatiability.

That insatiability drives them to want more and more and more – but ironically they never become satiated.

Continually, the insatiability fuels the greed, and the greed drives satisfaction further and further away.

The secret is that true satisfaction and fulfillment of a surf session comes from politeness, respect, and sharing.

Surfing can be immensely therapeutic, help yourself by helping someone else out and showing respect for the other surfers in the lineup. Let a good one go by you, call somebody in, get stoked when someone else locks into a good wave, allow yourself to get stoked seeing another surfer get a great ride.

With this attitude, the whole lineup becomes a source of enjoyment.

What’s your approach to sharing the lineup with a greedy surfer?

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